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An "American" Barbecue

Last Thursday night, July 2nd, Connect House Ikegami hosted its very own American "Independence Day barbecue" in Kitchen Studio 401.  As the hour approached 6:00, the interns did their preparations for the night's festivities. Hamburger meat: check. Kitchen Studio TAFA's own sausages: check. Drinks: check. Chips: check. Buns...

In regards to buns, there were many options at the store, only two packages of which were hamburger buns. Improvisation was required, but that did nothing to stop the night's fun.

As the tenants and their friends filed in to the tune of Gramatik's Street Bangerz Vol. 3 playing on television speaker, room 401 started to buzz in the languages of French, English, Japanese, Chinese and robustly flavored sausage. I dropped in on an intellectual conversation with a CalTech PhD student about neural physics; attempted a conversation in Japanese with a long term tenant that works in graphic design; and discussed Ramadan and Moroccan girls with another guest. All this, while eating a deliciously paired hamburger between two slices of Japanese shoku-pan, the standard white bread of a Japanese continental breakfast. An unconventional protein and carbohydrate combination indeed, although I wouldn't say the rest of the night was much different.

As the night winded down and guests started to leave with full stomaches, a strange phenomenon occurred. Everyone gathered in a circle of chairs with their drinks in their hands. Nobody was left out. It was a moment so perfect, I didn't want to interrupt it with a photograph. But I did.  It was a beautiful way to end a rainy night in Tokyo.

Until next post,

Issay Matsumoto

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