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Photo Contest Rules

Hello Connect-House Community!
These are the rules you need to follow to be able to attend our photo contest.

First of all you have to like the Connect-House Facebook page.

Your pictures have to be related to the tags written below; you have to pick up at least one of the mandatory subjects, and a minimum of two optional topics.

This is the list:

  • Mandatory subjects:

1.      Red

2.      Diversity

3.      Friendship

4.      Distance

5.      Beauty

6.      Smile

7.      Contrast

8.      Time

9.      Home

10.  Parade

  • Optional topics:

1.      Pure

2.      Reflection

3.      Serenity

4.      Leaf

5.      Quiet

6.      Silhouette

7.      Floating

8.      Golden

9.      Loneliness

10.  Watermill

11.  Sunset

12.  Creek

13.  Shadow

14.  Illumination

15.  Shrine

16.  Tower

17.  Beer

18.  Pigeon

19.  Alley

20.  Gundam

21.  Bridge

22.  Wheel

23.  Wood

24.  Rainbow

25.  Skyscraper

26.  Statue

27.  Hustle

28.  Dome

29.  Bike

30.  Mountain

31.  Skyline

32.  Petal

33.  Drift

34.  Glance

35.  Empire

36.  Lantern

37.  Ritual

38.  Gate

39.  Temple

40.  Tunnel

41.  Ancient

42.  Hut

43.  Love

44.  Soulmate

45.  Eternal

46.  Trail

47.  Trust

48.  Innocence

49.  Inseparable

After choosing the tags, send us your picture as a private message, with a title and the correct tag corresponding to your picture. Your real name and family name have to appear in the description. These information have to correspond with the information on your passport.

We accept pictures from 10/09 to 11/05. Our team will upload pictures every morning at 9 a.m. (Japanese timeline).

We will post your picture in an album. Afterwards, share it and try to get as many likes and shares as possible on your picture to access to the final step. The best five will be selected.
Notice that our team will also pick 5 pictures they like.

From 11/05 will not accept any more pictures, and the 10 best pictures will have access to the next step. During one week, our team and the Connect-House community will hold an event with tenants and professional photographers to vote and decide which is the best picture. The results will be shown on 11/15.

During the contest please feel free to check the Connect-ed website to get any updates and details about the competition.


  • Submissions:

We accept pictures taken with any kind of camera. We will be judging by creativity and pertinence to the chosen tags. No adult content nor violent or inappropriate imagery.

  • Participants:

The contest is open to anyone possessing a Facebook account.

This contest is free with no purchase necessary.

All people who participated in the design and creation of this contest, and all those who could have an influence on its development, including their families, are excluded from the contest.

All people who do not meet the conditions of use may be excluded from the contest at any time. Would the winner his/herself be found to not meet the conditions, he/she will not receive the prize.

This contest is limited to one participation per person.

During the contest, the information concerning the participant’s Facebook page have to be coherent with their real identity. At any time the team will be authorized to ask a confirmation about your identity if we have any doubt about it.

Your identity will be verified during your stay in our accommodations: it has to correspond to the name you provide us when you send us your picture.

  • Terms of use:

First of all you have to like the Connect-House Facebook page.

 You can have an access to it from this link:

In case of dispute concerning the eligibility of participation in the competition, the decision of Connect-House is final and cannot be the object of any dispute or correspondence.

The organizer reserves the right to extend, shorten, modify or cancel the competition at any time, particularly in cases of force majeure. The competition can be claimed without any compensation for the participants.

  • Prize:

The first prize are plane tickets to Tokyo and two weeks of accommodations in our share house.

HOWEVER, Connect House only covers 60,000 yens of your plane tickets to Tokyo: this amount will be refund to you the day you come in our accommodation.

This prize is for one person.

The prize value is determined at the time of the publishing of this regulation and cannot be the subject of a dispute as to its evaluation.

The winner is free to choose its flight dates and duration of his stay, however only 14 nights are included and the winner will have to plan their arrival in Japan before 2016/05/05.

The visa remains the responsibility of the participant and his/her passport shall be valid.

  • Use of personal data of participants:

The winner authorizes the organizer to use contact information (full name) for advertising purposes or public relations, on any medium whatsoever, without this giving them any remuneration, right or advantage, other than allocation of their prize.

Your personal information will be owned by "Connect-House" and will under no circumstances be disclosed to other structures.

This contest is a creation of Connect-House Team.

Good luck and be creative!

Copyright © ConnectEd U Co., Ltd.