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Frequently Asked Questions

■Can I bring another person in my bedroom?

No, you cannot. Only under special permission from the Connect House company.

■Can I live with my significant other?


■Can I invite friends and family to the facilities? Could they sleep over in my flat?

You can invite friends and family to share your time in the facility. However, they may not sleep over in your bedroom. We have a special room prepared for visitors' overnight stay and the tenants will have to pay for that.

■Who throws out the garbage? Is there a supervisor on site?

You will need to communicate with your flatmates to take turns in throwing out the garbage and cleaning your own room. There is no supervisor on site, but we do have cleaning staff come in once a week to clean the common area.

■Can I smoke within the apartment?

No, you may not. Please smoke outside the premises.

■How do I make the rent payment?

We ask you to make a bank-transfer to the designated financial institution. We do not yet have the facility to accept credit cards. However, we hope to do so in the near future.

■When do I make the rent payment?

We ask you to make the payment by the 28th (3pm) of each month.
※If the 28th rests on either a holiday or a weekend, we ask you to make the payment prior to the date. 
※We ask you to take care of the transfer fees.
There will be delinquency charges for any late payment. In the case where payment is delayed significantly, we may contact your liaison person whom we ask for as the contact person during emergency.

■Can I put my bike or car anywhere? Is it free of charge?

If there is space available within the premise, you could place it there (depending, there may be fees applied). If there are no spaces available, you will have to find one yourself.

■Can I sign the contract through my company?

Please consult the "CONTACT" page.

■Can I extend my contract?

Yes, you can. However, if we find that you are causing trouble to others, extension will not be granted.

■Where is the operating company of Connect House?

7F Toranomon 40MT Bldg. 5-13-1, 
Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001

Consult the "CONTACT" page for more info.

Questions regarding the facilities:

■Is a washing / drying machine available?

Yes, they are both available and there are no extra fees. You will have to coordinate with your flatmates when to use them.

■Is there a lock to each bedroom?

Yes, there is. Please do not lose the keys to them, otherwise a fee will be attached to your bill for changing the lock.

■Is there a fixed phone?

No, there is not.

■ Is there a TV in each room?

There is a large-sized TV in each of the living rooms.

■Is Internet available?

Yes, WIFI Internet is available at no extra cost.


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