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Connect-House hires interns from all over the world to diversify our service and adapting our action to the International community. 

It is a privilege as an intern that Connect-House offers us the chance to truly experience Japanese business environment.

Lexi Yan


Nationality: Chinese

Educational background: Chongqing University

Educational degree: Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management 

Interests: Traveling,Reading,Arts, Jogging

Season interning: Full time, 6 month internship prior

Residence: Connect House Ikegami



Robin Newmeyer

Kiyo Kuwana


Nationality: Japanese

Educational background: Phillips Exeter Academy, Brown University

Expected degree: Bachelor of Science

Interests: Baseball, traveling, swimming, biology, learning languages

Season interning: July 2015

Residence: Off-site, Roppongi



Arsène Rasoamanana


Nationality : French-American

Educational background: Sup de Co La Rochelle

Expected degree: Bachelor's degree

Interests: History and traditions, sports, traveling, social study and economics

Season interning : 4 months in summer 2015

Residence: Connect House Ikegami


Nationality : French

Educational background Sup de Co La Rochelle

Expected educational degree: Bachelor's degree

Interests : history and traditions, sports, traveling

Season interning : 2 months in 2014, 4 months in summer 2015

Residence: Connect House Ikegami



New profiles are coming soon!

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