Connect-ed Life

Connecting People's Lives through Experiential Education


Our goal is connecting people’s lives through education. The “ED” in our URL stands for education. We believe that theoretical and practical education together will form the essential skills to support many to reach their aspirations. Part of our unique service is to provide the practical approach through experience-based, hereafter referred to as “experiential” education. While studies at established educational institutions will form an important and sound foundation in their core area of specialization, the experiential education in practicing the knowledge acquired will help grow one’s expertise essential in overcoming the challenges that lay ahead in the professional world. These complementary elements together will form one’s unbreakable building block to succeed in today’s challenges. 

We hope to provide such ample opportunities to many university students, high school graduates and young professionals, looking to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the Japanese artisan and culture through hands on experiences in agriculture, fishery, sake-making, miso-making and much more. Through such experiences, we hope that many participants will have understood the tradition and methodology refined over centuries and that such learned expertise will be applied to provide consulting services to companies in Japan. Consulting services will entail marketing, branding and strategizing. 

Through these intimate experiential education, participants will have exposure to industrial segments and have the opportunity to meet and learn from local producers. The interaction with such local and regional producers are unique, broadening participant’s view of the industry and of the people who are committed within and vice versa. We hope to “CONNECT” both the participants and such regional producers that will have a beneficial impact on both sides, influencing their passions, their lives. 

Our other service entails providing internship opportunities for students seeking to further enhance their expertise or practice their knowledge gained. Our company and partners provide such unique opportunities within Japan. Again, through such experiential education, we hope to “CONNECT” participants to many others, impacting their careers, and accordingly, their lives.

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