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Marunouchi, Nihonbashi, and Ginza: Touring the Business Capital of Tokyo (coming soon)

    For fifteen bucks and trip to the bookstore, a Japanese travel guide may direct one to Japan’s historic network of shrines and temples. Visiting these locations certainly will lead one to a deeper cultural appreciation of Japan’s ancient storied past. However, there is still much to feel and experience at the heart of modern Japan: Tokyo. The city holds the spirit of Japan’s cyclically evolving and ever-changing web of human accomplishment.

  Connect House would like to cordially invite you on a trip through this vast and rich city, bicycles provided.

   Between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace lies Marunouchi, the business capital of Japan.  During the Tokugawa era, huge, elaborate mansions were built at the will of powerful feudal lords wishing for a short term residence in Marunouchi. Marunouchi has a long history of being the richest area in all Tokyo. The town’s reputation did not change much during the Meiji Restoration, as this was a time when many prominent banks bought land in the area. Most notably amongst these wealthy landowners was Iwasaki Yanosuke, founder of the Mitsubishi Corporation. The Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the first, huge mega-conglomerates in Japan, that brought the country towards modern global strength.

    Perhaps the most breathtaking part of Marunouchi is the mingling of old and new architecture. Though the area is mostly made up of skyscrapers, there are several buildings that reflect the pre-war architecture of Tokyo. The buildings blend together along with the beautiful trees and rooftop gardens, making Marunouchi feel both futuristic and lost in Tokyo’s beautiful past. On our bicycle tour, you will be taken through the streets of this historically and financially rich area of Tokyo, stopping occasionally at any number of the cafes, pastry shops, and restaurants found in the towering office buildings.

    Next on the tour is the town of Nihonbashi, an area of Tokyo similar to Marunouchi in purpose, but different in look and feel. Marunouchi is of monolithic Mitsubishi Corporation ownership, whereas Mitsui has much more influence on Nihonbashi. Historically, this area was the first stage on the Tokaido Highway, which connected Tokyo to Kyoto. It serves much the same purpose as Marunouchi, acting as a hub for Japanese businesses and foreign companies alike.

    Nihonbashi is also home to many shops and restaurants that sell and use regional specialty ingredients and goods imported from the Ise and Yamanashi prefectures, among others. If you would like to try food from around Japan, walk through streets that resemble how old Tokyo would have looked, or want to experience the history of business in Japan in an area much less crowded than Marunouchi, you will undoubtedly enjoy this segment of the bicycle tour. We will take you through the small streets of Nihonbashi, pointing out the various historical sites and taking you to the best lunch you could have in Tokyo.

    We save the most exciting place for last, finishing up with a quick bicycle ride through the hustling, bustling town of Ginza. If you are a business owner in Tokyo, Japan, or anywhere else in the world, the prestigious streets of Ginza are among the most desirable places in the world for retail or office. Much like Times Square in New York City, Ginza is always full of shoppers, tourists, businessmen, and everyday Tokyo citizens shopping for the next big thing. We end our tour by taking you through the side streets of Ginza, ending at the most valuable land in all of Japan: Ginza yon-chome crossing, where the most renowned Tokyo businesses have their offices and storefronts.

    Japan is both an old and new country with a culture so rich that any aspect of it is rife with history and interesting stories. It is our hope that on this bicycle tour, we can all experience a connection with the world of business in Tokyo. Drastic steps were and are currently being made to bring Japan into a new and newer age. Connect House will take the opportunity to both teach and learn with you, bicycling through the locations where these steps are being made. Assisted by curiosity and a bit of kinetic energy, Connect House would love to experience this city with you.

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